Do you suffer from the frequent urge to pee, a weak stream, or stop-start peeing? If the answer is yes, chances are one or more of these “hormone hackers” is to blame.

These hormone hackers get into your bloodstream and disrupt your normal hormone production, causing your prostate to swell up to the size of a grapefruit. This then pinches your urethra shut, meaning each time you pee it’s like trying to get water out of a kinked hose.

And according to a leading urologist, there’s a very good chance at least one of these hormone hackers is lurking in your home at this very moment.

But there is a way to flush these hormone hackers out of your body and shrink your prostate back to a healthy size. Here’s how to do it:

This 7-second prostate-shrinking ritual lets you pee like a young man

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