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Alpha Heater
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Mini Heater

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Heat Up any Room FAST with this latest breakthrough of 2022

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Americans Are Going Crazy Over New Mini Heater
This New Mini Heater Has America SHOCKED...
Easiest Way To Slash Electric Bill This Winter
Americans Are Slashing Their Heating Bill (Here's How)

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				<p>This powerful heater cozies up any room… and uses LESS ENERGY than a furnace. </p>
				<p>It has built-in safety features that are essential for homes with families, like:</p>
					<li>Auto shut off</li>
					<li>Heat sensor (won't overheat)</li>
					<li>Tip over protection</li>
					<li>Built-in custom timer</li>
					<li>Adjustable temperature</li>
				<p><a href="#"><img src=""></a></p>
				<p>MANY AMERICANS have already made the switch and are currently paying lower heating bills.</p> 
				<p><a href="#">Click here to learn more about this mini power heater >></a></p>

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