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1#1 Heart Attack Mistake (avoid at all costs)   email
46Absolute WORST Thing To Do During A Heart Attack   email
473 Strange Things That TRIGGER a Deadly Heart Attack   email
481 Rule For Surviving A Heart Attack   email
49NEVER Do THIS During a Heart Attack (increases risk of death)   top performingemail
514 Heart Attack Red Flags - No 3 Is Scary   top performingemail
52THIS Is The Most Easily MISSED Heart Attack Warning   email
53This Kills More Women Than Breast Cancer :(   email
54NEVER Do THIS During a Heart Attack   email
554 Heart Attack Red Flags – No 3 Is Scary (VERSION 2)   email
56Sneakiest Heart Attack Warning EVER?   email
57Heart Attack "Clues" Most People Miss (fatal mistake)   email
58Heart Attacks INCREASE During the Summer? (new info)   seasonalemail
59Banner - 300x600 - 4 Heart Attack Red Flags   banner
60Banner - 728x90 - Sneakiest Heart Attack Warning Ever?   banner
61Banner - 600x600   banner
97Heart Attack Signals Even Doctors Miss   email
101Heart Attack Horror Story   email
104FATAL Heart Attack Mistake is Avoidable   email
137Heart Attacks INCREASE During the Holidays?   seasonalemail
139STRANGEST Part of a Deadly Heart Attack?   email
145Have 2 of these symptoms? (might be heart attack)   email
146Stressful Times = Heart Attacks?   email
153Surviving a Heart Attack (4 steps)   email
188Stock Market, Inflation and HEART ATTACKS   email
206NEVER Order These 4 Fish at a Restaurant    email
216The 3 Days Most People Have Heart Attacks (includes Xmas)   seasonalemail