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3 signs THIS "eye poop" is killing your vision

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				<p><strong>World Experts Warn Millions Will Lose Their Vision Decades Early!</strong></p>
				<p>There is a major threat to the vision of every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth.</p>
				<p>The threat is so severe that it's like a war on your eyes trying to steal your vision. </p>
				<p>If you are over the age of 45 you are at the highest risk.</p>
				<p><a href="#">=>> 3 Signs THIS "Eye Poop" is Killing Your Vision</a></p>
	<table role="presentation" style="width:100%;border-collapse:collapse;border:0;border-spacing:0;background:#ffffff; margin-top: 100px;">
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				<p>This advertisement is sent on behalf of:<br>
					PMF Vision Support<br>
					200 West 2nd Street #1351,<br>
					Royal Oak, MI 48068</p>
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