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Nerve Renew
Burning Feet

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Before & After: What bad circulation does to your feet
Before & After: Nerve Pain in Feet
Iowa woman regains nerve function in “dead” foot
Desperate woman’s “hail mary” for foot relief

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				<p>Jane B. from Ankeny, Iowa had tried everything to get rid of the pain in her left foot.</p>

				<p>It started with a tingling in the big toe, but over time, it spread to the other toes and the top of her foot.</p>

				<p>What’s worse, the weird tingling eventually morphed into intense burning across the entire foot.</p>

				<p>It was unbearable.</p>

				<p>And nothing she tried seemed to make a difference.</p>

				<p>That is, until she heard about Dr. Kennedy - a renowned nerve health expert from Florida - who was getting incredible results with a novel new approach.</p>

				<p>Skeptical but desperate, she reluctantly gave his “nerve regimen” a try…and was shocked.</p>

				<p>Within a few weeks, not only was the burning subsiding, but she could even feel her big toe again (something she hadn’t felt in over 3 years).</p>

				<p>Her foot was feeling better than it had in years, and it was even looking better too (see pic below)!</p>

				<p>And if you want to discover the secret that helped Jane boost blood flow & regain normal nerve function - click the link below.</p>

				<p>But hurry, demand for this powerful solution has skyrocketed in the last 3 weeks…</p>

				<p><a href="#">> Boost blood flow & regenerate nerves with this proven regimen</a></p>
				<a href="#"><img src=""></a>
				<p>(Actual before & after photos of Jane’s left foot)</p>
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