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Breathe Green
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You May Be Sleeping With These Bugs (and in their poop...)
Are You Sleeping In Dust Mite Poop?
Is Your Home Infested With These Bugs?
Are These "Bugs" In Your House Are Making You Sick?

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				<h1>You May Be Sleeping With These Bugs (and in their poop...)</h1>
				<p><a href="#"><img src=""></a></p>
				<p>Almost every house is infested with MILLIONS of Dust Mites...</p>
				<p>They are little bugs that you can't see, but that live in your beds, your pillows, even in your rugs! And, they survive in even the cleanest of homes.</p>
				<p>What's worse? </p>
				<p>They poop all over everything and breathing in their feces might be making you sick...</p>
				<p><a href="#">>> See This Mom's Simple Trick To Eliminate Dust Mites</a></p>
				<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">P.S.</span> If you experience any symptoms such as blocked or runny nose, sneezing, itching and watering eyes or coughing then there's a good chance that your house is infested with <a href="#">these parasites.</a></p>
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