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if you take vitamin D for immunity, you need to read this

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				<p>Here’s what former ER Dr. Mark Rosenberg has to say about our immunity risk as we head into 2023:</p>

				<p>“Vitamin D is good, but I’ve got my patients on something much more potent”</p>

				<p>Rosenberg says that <a href="#">a strong immune system comes down to this one thing…</a></p>

				<p>“And it’s the one thing that so-called experts <i>haven’t</i> been pushing on us.”</p>

				<a href="#"><img src=""></a>

				<p>According to Rosenberg, the immune system doesn’t just keep us healthy and safe.</p>

				<p>It’s literally the “master switch” for our energy, clarity and mobility.</p>

				<p>So if you’re feeling tired, achy or worn down, there’s a good chance that your immune system needs support.</p>

				<p>And there’s no one better to advise on this than Dr. Rosenberg.</p>

				<p>(<a href="#">here’s his #1 suggestion for immunity</a>)</p>

				<p>He spent the first twenty years of his career saving peoples’ lives in the ER…</p>

				<p>…and for the last twenty years, he’s been doing research on immunity and longevity.</p>

				<p>He sits on the board of the top functional medicine group in the world (A4M).</p>

				<p>And he’s lectured everywhere from Harvard University, to the Cleveland Clinic.</p>

				<p><a href="#">So if you care about your immunity, here are Dr. Rosenberg’s suggestions</a></p>

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