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If your dog eats grass, do THIS everyday

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				<p>Most people don’t know this...</p>

				<p>But if your dog has joint pain, then eating grass is a reactive behavior to combat a “Sticky Toxin.”</p>

				<p>This Sticky Toxin builds up in your pup’s body for years...</p>

				<p>And it literally “sticks” to their joints, eating away at the cartilage and tissues.</p>

				<p>So if your dog’s joints ache, and they can’t move around like they used to...</p>

				<p><strong>Stop everything you're doing and <a href="#">watch this video now.</a></strong></p>

				<p>Because it shows how a 5-sec Mealtime Ritual flushes the sticky toxin from your dog’s joints...</p>

				<p>So they can play and run around like their old self...</p>

				<p>And so you can stop agonizing over the haunting question...</p>

				<p><i>“Is it time to put my dog down?”</i></p>

				<p><a href="#">=> 5-sec Mealtime Ritual restores healthy doggy joints</a></p>

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					Pup Labs, LLC<br>
					1209 North Orange Street<br>
					Wilmington, DE 19801</p>
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