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Hidden “hormone hackers” expanding your prostate
Shocking study reveals why you can’t empty your bladder
Do THIS to pee like a young man again
How men over 40 can shrink their prostate almost instantly
Leading urologist: Your prostate will keep getting bigger, unless…

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				<p>Do you suffer from the frequent urge to pee, a weak stream, or stop-start peeing? If the answer is yes, chances are one or more of <a href="#">these “hormone hackers”</a> is to blame.</p>

				<p>These hormone hackers get into your bloodstream and disrupt your normal hormone production, causing your prostate to swell up to the size of a grapefruit. This then pinches your urethra shut, meaning each time you pee it’s like trying to get water out of a kinked hose.</p>

				<p>And according to a leading urologist, there’s a very good chance at least one of these hormone hackers is lurking in your home at this very moment.</p>

				<p>But there is a way to flush these hormone hackers out of your body and shrink your prostate back to a healthy size. Here’s how to do it:</p>

				<p><a href="#">This 7-second prostate-shrinking ritual lets you pee like a young man</a></p>
				<a href="#"><img src="" style="100%; max-width: 600px;"></a>

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