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Microwave Popcorn Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease? [NEW RESEARCH]

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				<p><span style="font-weight: bold; text-align: center; color: #830002;">"Shocking new research is pointing to microwave popcorn as a potential cause of Alzheimer's disease."</span></p>
				<p>Seems crazy I know, but here's the proof…</p>
				<p>Recently a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota set out to determine if a <strong>chemical used to give microwave popcorn it's buttery flavor</strong>…</p>
				<p>Could be <strong>toxic to your brain</strong>.<sub>(1)</sub></p>
				<p>During the study <strong>researchers were SHOCKED</strong> to discover that not only does this chemical flavoring easily make its way to the blood supply in your brain...</p>
				<p>But it can also cause the creation of beta amyloid proteins the tell-tale marker of Alzheimer's disease,</p>
				<p>Now you might be thinking "I don't eat a lot of popcorn so I'm ok"...</p>
				<p>But here's the truth... </p>
				<p><strong>It isn't just popcorn that's causing this.</strong></p>
				<p>In fact, a recent 6 year long study involving 2,560 participants <strong>discovered additional foods EVEN MORE devastating to your brain</strong>.<sub>(2)</sub></p>
				<p>And Dr. Sam Walters - a former  NASA food scientist, brain health and longevity specialist has taken this new research one step further….</p>
				<p>Putting together a list of <a href="#">5 foods that can trigger Alzheimer's.</a></p>
				<p>In this fast-paced presentation he'll reveal his latest findings…</p>
				<p>Discover the real reason elephants never forget. </p>
				<p>And how a secret society of Tibetan monks with steel-trap memories are living to be a healthy 100 years of age and beyond…</p>
				<p>And who rarely fall victim to sickness and disease. </p>
				<p>Plus, you'll hear as Dr. Walters describes in detail these 5 foods that are wiping your memory clean. </p>
				<p>So, make sure you <a href="#">watch this presentation</a> to the very end as he reveals each sinister food, including the brain damaging chemical found in microwave popcorn. </p>
				<p>He'll explain how each of these seemingly innocent and common foods is putting you at risk for Alzheimer's disease and dementia. </p>
				<p>He'll also tell you exactly <strong>what you can do RIGHT NOW</strong> to protect yourself and those you love from the damaging effect of these forbidden foods…</p>
				<p>No matter how long you've been eating them or how much of them you have consumed.</p>
				<p><a href="#">Watch this short video and learn Dr. Sam Walters' solution to fighting back against Alzheimer's and dementia.</a></p>
				<a href="#"><img src=""></a>
				<p>References:<br> 1.<br>2.</p>
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